What is a good graphics card

hello all,

i'm looking for a good graphics card
i want to run all games on max on a 1440x900 resolution
an i want to hafe a good game time for 4 years with it
my budget is around 300 euro
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  1. GTX 670
  2. They're all good for gaming at the resolution you use, but not for 4 years. The 7950 is the 'best' in terms of power, and can be overclocked really easily to give even better performance. The 7870 is a good card, but it's priced far too high to be an option.

    The 7850 is a decent card for your resolution, but it won't have 4 years of life in it, unless you don't mind putting up with very low graphics settings in the future.

    So in short, 7950>7870>7850 in terms of performance. The rest depends on what you're willing to spend, and the other components on your PC (CPU, and PSU). If you can find a GTX670 for ~300EUR in the Netherlands then that would also be a very good GPU, both the GTX670 and HD7950 are overkill for your resolution at the moment, but they'll last a good while too.
  3. ok thanks for helping me

    but the hd 7950 has a lower speed of 900 MHz
    is that a problem?
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