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Hi fellow forum members,

I have a very annoying problem that I haven't been able to solve for a year. Everytime I turn on my computer or restart, I have to unplug the microphone and headphone jacks and plug it again. I want to add that I don't have this problem with my Logitech sound system that is always plugged to my pc. I also have a similar problem regarding my Razer Mamba mouse. Everytime I turn on or restart the computer, my pc does not recognize cursor movement commands from my mouse but what is interesting is, pc receives everything else. I mean I can right click or left click and they do work. Weird really. So if anyone has a similar problem or solution to this, I would really appreciate your help. Thanks for your time.
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  1. First update your mouse/usb drivers to see if that works on the mouse.

    Same for your sound card/mobo sound drivers, see if that fixes the audio issues.

    If the sound drivers don't work how then where does the headphone/mic jac plug in? Is it a front/top of the case jack, or is it on the speaker?
  2. Head/mic jacks go into front panel, sound system goes into back panel. Also, my drivers are all up-to-date.
  3. Is your audio managed by a non-windows program? Or is it just the default window's audio device management?

    As for the mouse try un-installing your .Net Framework and then re-installing it after a reboot.
  4. I use Realtek HD Audio Management program. For mouse I will try it now.
  5. I have done as you suggested but the mouse problem only happens after cold startup so i will notify 24 hours later. As for the jack, so far not good.
  6. When you install the up to date drivers for it do you have the headphones/mic plugged in? Try doing a re-install with all of your speakers, mics and headphones unplugged.
  7. Now mic works. I think there was priority problem with the sound system's mic entrance so i unplugged it and voila. For headphones i think the problem is unsolvable because of this priority thing, i guess. It always first gives the signal to stereo. Another question if I may, as you probably guessed, I had to remove and re-plug my jacks many times. Do you think that this might have caused a corrosion in the mick entrances because sometimes my mic does not give proper signal to system. Same thing goes for the headphones. Any ideas?
  8. That sounds like a loose connection or loose cable somewhere in them that MOSTLY keeps in contact, but if the situation is right it won't hit the contacts. I had a mic that was the same way, it eventualy had an 'up' and a 'down' even though it was round, just because I had to have the cable pulling down a specific way to keep it working.

    But you can try cleaning the leads on the mic and headphones to see if that helps any.
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