Screen flashes white w/vertical stripes when gaming

Hello, Ive had this problem for a while now, but its recently gotten worse. Basically, when I play any advanced computer game, currently Arma II, after several minutes, about 5-10, the screen starts flashing white with vertical stripes. It happens about every second or two, but the function of the game still runs and it doesn't kick me out or give me an error. This started a few months ago after I would play LOTRO for several hours. Once it got worse, about a week ago, I googled the problem and everything pointed to the video card. Here's the kicker, Yesterday I upgraded my Raedon HD 3800 512 Mb to a Raedon HD 6670 1Gig. I install the card, install the drivers, and update everything. I then start playing Arma II. I play for about 15 min and think ive fixed the problem when it starts flashing at me. so its not the video card.

Any Ideas????

Windows XP
3 year old computer
New Radeon HD 6670 1Gig PCIe
AMD Quad Processor
500 Watt Power Source
Hanns.G HDMI Monitor
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  1. what make is your power supply?

    I know you think it may not be your video cards but i'd run video memory stress test on the video card you plan on using. Run at least 6 passes just to verify your vram is 100%
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