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FPS Problems in MMO with GTX 480

Hey guys, Im seeing a very bad improvement from my GTS 250 to GTX 480. In regular places I see a 5% to 10% increase in full load in 25man I see a 0% increase. I know wow is a very CPU intense game, and im guessing the raids put even more strain on it.

My Specs are in my Sig and im running a Phenom II x4 945. Thanks!
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    Since Wow Is a cpu intensive game, you need to overclock your 945 to gain more performance.
  2. How much can I push this thing? Will a memory O/C Do any good?
  3. Aim for 3.5ghz+, memory OC won't help at all.
  4. I pushed to 3.45ghz.. Saw good improvement in normal areas, only a very small increase in 25 man raids when under load. What do i do :(

    Also... Would having 4 different brands of memory at different Voltages make a weird lag issue? all 1333ddr3
  5. You want to run the same voltage and the same speed in dual channel.
  6. Are you running any addons? Especially outdated ones? Try disabling them to check whether it helps, and if it does, enable them one by one to find which one is causing the lag.
  7. Alrighty, thanks
  8. I don't play WoW, but EQ2 is CPU-bound and here's a few tricks I used to squeeze more out of raid FPS.
    I have *no* idea if any of these would apply to WoW, but with any luck...

    1) Turn off, or down combat logging. If you're raiding, this might not be possible since you're probably parsing your DPS. In that case, you could try an SSD, or even a RAM drive for the log. You could also try turning off "others" combat info. Again, if parsing, that might block "others" DPS on your parse window.

    2) Turn off, or down, the gfx effects for "others" spells, abilities, etc. With 24 (25 in WoW?) people spamming stuff every second or more, there's a lot of data being sent to your PC to process.

    3) Turn off, or turn down other gfx effects - shadows (usually a big one), some types of lighting, etc. Even try lowering the resolution if nothing else is helping, or in combination with the other ideas. Every little bit helps? :)

    4) I've READ that connecting directly to your cable modem can help with some types of lag, instead of one or more switches that connect to the modem. I have NO experience with this since I go thru a switch then router, just repeating what I read on an MMO "lag" tips forum.

    5) If the game doesn't support multi-core, try manually setting CPU affinity. Can do this from either Task Manager manually everytime you start the game, or use a custom icon that starts the game on a specific core (I don't remember specifics of the command). Put the game on 1 core, the parser and anything else that takes real CPU time on other cores.

    6) Increase the priority of the game process to Above Normal or High. If you're feeling wild and crazy, you can even try Real Time.

    That's all I can remember right now, I'll add more later if I can. Good luck!
  9. I wanna be able to play at ultra settings :( And weirdly my FPS Goes a good % down when I change the priority.
  10. You should be able to play on ultra with GTX 480 without any problems. It must be something else, not the GPU. Did you check the addons?
  11. Yes, I checked add ons...Nothing worked that I noticed. Only add on I did not remove was

    DBM and Razer Naga.

    What else could be the problem? You dont think its the CPU?
  12. No I don't, but I still suggest just disabling all the addons, including you are using, just for troubleshooting. Who knows, they might be at fault.
  13. Okay, are there any settings I should adjust in BIOS or in Nvidia Control panel?
  14. It's the CPU :P
  15. Yea I figured it...just gotta get my machine to be stable! thanks
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