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OC for CPU improves better performence in gaming ?

someone can show benchmark that showing OC for CPU improves better in Gamingn
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  1. Any OC review for any CPU will have this. Google CPU OC review.

    If you want a specific CPU and a specific game you'd need to post that, or for that matter just change the google search to "[cpu name] oc review" and see what games are shown.
  2. look at and search .. don't be lazy .. find review oc cpu in google
  3. Overclocking only helps for CPU intensive games like a 64 player lobby in BF3 or a Source game from Valve.
  4. hafijur said:
    what is your cpu or cpu you want to get and what gpou you have or want to get.

    i already have HD7970 ghz edition, and planning to buy 3770 or 3770k for OC if it will be useful in gaming ?
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    The i7-3770k is a waste of money for games. Yes, it is a very powerful CPU and you are paying a premium price for Hyper Threading which is a pretty good technology....

    .... but games do not make use of Hyper Threading. You are better off buying the i5-3570k.

    OC'ing can give a boost to games, but the exact increase performance depends on how much the game is dependent on the CPU. For example, I've seen benchmarks of Crysis 2 using various CPU and whatever graphics card. An i5-2500k running at around 4.8GHz got 1 extra frame than an i5-2500k running at stock speed. However, Skyrim is dependent on the CPU and GPU. OCing the CPU will give you better performance. How much I forget but it was something like for 1% CPU overclock you get like a 0.4% - 0.5% improvement in performance.
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