I have a 480 watt Power Supply

I just a gtx 560 ti overclocked, now should i wait for my new power supply for plug it in to my 480 watt, because i don't want to fry my system, thanks
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  1. Depends on this "480" watt psu.

    What brand is this?
  2. is there a way to check without opening the computer?
  3. Nope.
  4. i bought the computer together off newegg, and now im upgrading so i really dont know it off hand
  5. alrightm, ill lok real quick
  6. i looked and all i found was px-480rpf, also its an iBuypower computer so that may help
  7. How many amps does it have on the +12v ?

    But honestly, I would just wait until your new PSU arrives.
  8. alright, yeah i will, becasie it should be here soon, thanks guys
  9. The px-480rpf is probably terrible. What is your new PSU?
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