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Msi 7850 freezing up pc during WoW

So here is my dilemma that i've been having for over a month. When running the most current amd drivers, my PC will freeze up with the sound looping while playing WoW at max settings. When running the card with the old drivers off the CD, the lock-ups go away but after waking up from sleep mode, I'll have terrible fps which is only curable by doing a restart.

Windows 7 64bit
i7860 @ 2.8ghz
6gb RAM
msi 7850 OC
500w ps (potential problem?)

I have a clean install of the latest 12.7beta drivers (it was a bitch to finally get) which required numerous uninstalls, installs, CCleans, and driver sweeping.
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  1. is this the only game that you have a problem with or is it other games too?
  2. What model is your PSU? I highly doubt this is your problem though, as the 7850 requires very little power.
  3. drums101 said:
    is this the only game that you have a problem with or is it other games too?

    This is really the only game I'm playing. Also, this problem only started occurring after I installed the new 7850.
  4. Now I just got an OSOD (orange)
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    Set the API to DX9, this is a known issue. I believe the issue isn't present with the 12.3 release, but it is there with the 12.7 beta and 12.4 release. I sent off a suggestion to AMD to fix this in future driver releases, if you can do the same that might get them to get the finger out. For now DX9 fixes the problem.

    As a side note one of the Total War games has the same problem when ran in DX11 and it doesn't seem to affect the entire 7000 series. There is one or two other games being affected as well. Did a lot of research on this a few months back.

    The issue is also present on the WoW MoP beta.
  6. Alright thanks I'll give it a try, though I think when this problem was first happening I was already running dx9.

    I also had just tried running it with 12.3, but for some reason was only getting 20-30 fps in orgrimmar (where as with 12.6 and 12.7beta I'm getting 50-60)
  7. I have been looking for possible solutions for the past two weeks, but up to now have not found anything viable. Going to try running with dx9 and will update. Thanks for the suggestion joedjnpc
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  9. Seems to have worked. Thanks
  10. Changing to DX9 worked. No lockup problems on WOW since the switch. Thanks for the tip joedjnpc
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