Computer will not boot, keeps turning on and off? Please help!

Yesterday i bought some new ram for my pc, and when i got it i shut down my computer and took it to my office to install it. after i have put it in, taking as much caution as you can with ram, i put it back in my room plugged all cables back in and started it up. i got a loud beeping from the motherboard and was worried something was very wrong, so i uninstalled that ram and put my old one back in. I started it up again with all fans lights etc coming on and it seemed to be normal, five seconds later it turns off and waits about 2-3 seconds before starting again. This process will continue with it being on for about 6-7 seconds then turning off with nothing coming up on the screen and no warnings from the motherboard or anything.
i am worried something may be fried and i will have to do a big replacement of hardware. i have read many other forums with no success finding an answer. i have taken out the CMOS battery to try reset bios, nothing, have made sure all cables are in tight along with other parts, and i have tried changing the dimm slots of the ram and unplugging my HDD to no avail.
I would really appreciate as much help as i can get because everyone knows how frustrating it is when you cant even turn on your pc.
my specs:
intel i5 2500k @3.3ghz
GA-p67a-UD4-B3 motherboard
GTX 560ti 2gb
Thermaltake 700W litepower
Coolermaster V8 cpu cooler
4gb kingston hyperX ddr3
Thermaltake case.
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  1. Have you tried comparing the beeping it was making to the beep codes in your mobo's manual? Could give you an indication of what the issue is.
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