Wierd Throttling Issue

Hey guys, I have been experiencing wierd throttling while playing games (Any game, old or new). This problem occured about 2-3 weeks ago, but I haven't done any changes to my PC at that time.

The wierd thing is that:

-CPU temp and GPU temp aren't high (CPU below 65C, GPU about 65C or less)
-CPU Frequencies and GPU Frequencies DOESN'T CHANGE even on 100% usage! (Picture included)
-Bought a new Corsair 550W power supply, but the problem is still there.
-Cleaned my PC.
-Added 2 new fans to the case, and a brand new one for the CPU.
-Checked all the tasks/processes on my computer, all of them are Microsoft's processes and my Anti-Virus. (Tried turning off the AntiVirus -.-)
-Tried Downclocking the GPU, didn't work.
-Turned off all power controlling in both: Windows 7, and the BIOS.
-Changed GPU & CPU thermal pastes.
-GPU and CPU aren't that old.

But while playing games, I experience a throttle/FPS spike for about 1-2 seconds, and then it goes away, I tested the tempretures when the game throttles, temps are normal.

So: It is NOT an overheat issue, it is NOT an overclocking issue, it is NOT a power supply issue, it is NOT a running process issue, it is NOT the game's issue. THEN WHAT IS IT?!?!

I am losing hope, tried everything, even using RivaTuner, but the computer still throttles.

Sometimes, on random times, the computer doesn't throttle during games, but thats rare...

Computer Specs:
-Intel Pentium 4 650 /W HT Enabled (3.4 GHz)
-Nvidia GeForce 8400GS. (Had this card before, didn't used to happen)
-3GBs of DDR2 RAM (Had the RAMS before, didn't used to happen)
-Windows 7 Ultimate x86(32)

Picture proof:

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  1. it might be a motherbord issue
  2. skitz9417 said:
    it might be a motherbord issue

    What about it? I haven't changed it or done anything to it.
  3. NVM solved. It was the CPU heatsink getting too hot, which made the CPU heat for some time, so I added a bigger and stronger fan to the CPU heatsink, and now I don't experience any throttling.

    Please mark this as solved, and close this topic.
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