If i install the latest Geforce FX 5600 update driver while playing game it fr

i had Geforce FX 5600 newest update version installed on my pc. And i played a game like cod 2 or cod United offensive and i play for 5 minutes and it start freez the game and it can't react it and i might think its artifact so i decided to have download a older version and it worked But i like to play on the latest version of Geforce FX 5600 but i think it will freeze again so i was really be pissed about it. can someone give me some advice to help me wut i need to about it
to solve this shitty problem.
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  1. The FX5600 is a very old card by now...If an older version of the driver works then I would stick to it. Nvidia has stopped support for that series and newer drivers won't have any performance gain whatsoever.
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