Dual Core i3 or Quad Core AMD Processor for HD 7770?

I'm planning on building a budget gaming pc. As for the gpu, i will go for a HD 7770. For the cpu, i already set my mind to go for an i3-3220. But, some people say the i3 may bottleneck the graphic card and ask me to go for an i5. But i5 is currently out of my budget. Should i go for AMD Quad processor since i can get one around the Intel i3 price. I need some suggestion because this is my first time to considering AMD as my processor because i never tried AMD processor before.

p/s: If AMD is not recommended, maybe i can wait for some time to have an i5. But, i prefer to have my pc as soon as possible. :D
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  1. The I3 is your best option. 2 cores on the I3 outperform 4 cores on the AMD in gaming. If you plan to do much multi-threaded stuff (rendering, photoshop, etc) the AMD might have a slight advantage. Intel cores do more work per core than amd right now. Hopefully we'll get some competition between them someday.
  2. Who said you i3 will bottleneck with hd 7770.you can go with i3 3220 there will no bottleneck and most of the games run on 2cores only unless you are playing multiplayer.i5 is better than i3 but you have tight so go with i3 3220 and hd 7770.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. :) So, with this 2 vote on i3, I will go for i3 then. Thank you so much for the response. It's really helped. :D
  4. Good luck, and enjoy!
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