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  1. A few things to note:

    I would definitely not recommend an extreme edition i7 as they are massively overpriced and hardly give any added performance. The Intel Core i7-3930K is basically the same chip with a very slight lower clock and slightly smaller cache for just over half the price of the exteme edition. The X-series Intel chips are known to be bad value for money.

    I would also go with 2GB GTX 680s over 4GB ones as there will be no difference whatsoever (especially with 2 cards) even at the higher resolutions.
    I would personally recommend the Palit JetStream 680 2GB as it has a factory overclock, great cooling performance at low noise levels (I have one myself and love it).

    In addition to this, a RAID array of small capacity SSDs will actually be the same if not slower than a Large capacity SSD as SSD performance decreases with lower capacitites. Just get a 240GB SSD (would recommend OCZ Vertex 4 for best performance).

    How high is your budget because with the money you seem to be willing to spend you could invest in some other considerable performance upgrades.
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