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This place has been a safe haven and has helped me out so many times, and it's that time again. Starting today my computer started crashing after trying to play games. I nomally turn my computer off or put it in sleep mode if I'm not using it, but this morning I left it on to finish downloading some steam games Shogun and Trine 2. Today I woke up and tried to play Black Ops on Steam but the video drivers stopped working. Movies wouldn't play and neither would music. I restarted my computer and I could watch videos again, but after that, every time I tried to play a game, I got a BSOD, even while playing non Steam games like Geometry Wars.

I had trouble in the past -meaning several months ago, when I left my computer on but monitor off for several hours, when I went to do anythang media (music, videos, games), the drivers would stop working, until I would restart my computer. That problem went away, but a few weeks ago I did a complete reinstall of Win 7x64 Ultimate. I went from a 240gb SSD to a 512gb M4. Today is the first time I've had these problems since I reinstalled Windows. I played Black Ops fine before I went to sleep, and I haven't installed any new software since, just installed the Steam Games.

Today I've did a clean install of Nvidia drivers,and Direct X, and tried 4 different Bios flashes, but the problems are still happening. I don't know what to do, but any advice would help. I went to the Steam forums but couldn't find anythang. Thanx

My specs are
Phenom x4 980 @3.9ghz (stock voltage)
GTX 680 (not overclocked)
Asus Sabretooth 990FX
24gb ram - 16gb (2x8) Crucial Ballistics, 8gb (2x4) Corsair XMS 1600
Crucial M4 512 SSD (boot)
Agility 3 240gb
Several WD HDDs
Kingwin Lazer 1000w psu
Logitech G930 (headset)
Logitech M700 (mouse)
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  1. remove your overclock

    Also return those DIMMs to 1333 and remove the XMS
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