Will the graphics card be compatible.

Hello I was a bit annoyed the other day as I realised my graphics card an NVIDIA 7600GS fell below the minimum requirements of guild wars 2 (and skyrim) but I didnt really want to buy a full build cause im going to uni next year and getting a top of the range laptop.But my friend came to the rescue and offered me his old card and ati 5570 skyrim 1gb I would like to know its compatible before I collect it from him (WED 5th ).

The specs i am worried about

PSU is 350W and the recommended for the card is 400W but alot of people have managed to successfully run it on a 250W so i think thats fine the other thing is when i was browsing the forums it said something about the power in the 12v rail( i know its got one) is this important and how do i check.

MB has 1 PCI Express x16 (Thinks its PCIE v1 but could be V1.1)

it only has 1 fan will this cause overheating probs or will the fan in the gcard negate its heat?

on another note due to me having an intergrated ramdac on my old graphics card it took 512 mb of video ram from my MB (My card was 512mb but had a total of one gb at its disposal) will this still apply (ie can use 1.5gb)?

My other specs
Other specs.
Ram 2gb Derma
CPU: Pentium D 3.20ghz (2cpus ,2 Threads)
OS: Windows xp (32 bit)
Monitor 1080p

Do you think this comp will be able to play most new releases till next september (on the lowest settings) and what fps will I get on these games and on what settings?.
Guild Wars 2
Fallout New Vegas
Thanks for your help
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  1. i have an even better advise.... buy a cheap-o netbook or tablet and get a new system for your gaming stuff.
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