Selling a GPU, is it worth the hassle?

Hi guys, I currently got an ECS Black Series GTX 460 (,2714-3.html) and I'm aiming to sell it. I bought it at 260 US$ and almost 2 years ago. How much should I be asking for? Or how much you guys would pay for it? (always getting a good deal for both parties)
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  1. in all my years of selling old computer parts I have never ever ended up feeling good about will never get what you hope out of them and to me personally they are worth more in a secondary box then I would get for them on craigslist or ebay. Just my personal opinion....I have sold pretty much every component in a computer and I regret selling each one....but I have many computers in my house that could benefit from the old parts of my main gaming box. Now as far a price the buy it now price on ebay is right around 80 bucks give or take....but those dont appear to be selling at that price...its really up to you if it might be worth it to keep for another reason
  2. I usually keep my stuff. Who knows, one of your friends might need a new card, or the replacement card you have isnt working properly and you have to RMA, its nice to have a known working card to use just in case.
  3. I agree with the others keep it reason why is selling it will feel like you cheated yourself because i can tell you right now most people wouldn't pay more than 50-75 dollars for it
  4. Like above, no point in selling the card, you might get $50 IF someone buys it.

    Best is to keep it as a spare or move it to a 2nd pc or home server of some sort.
  5. Ditto. I always find uses for them. Also I find I can never have enough spare hard drives, ram, or decent power supplies. Or USB network adapters. Oh, and thumb drives.
  6. Like all above, I've never sold any older parts. I just recycle them to the 2nd or 3rd pc and really obsolete parts get thrown into a box for a project I have in mind when I have enough old mobos, gpu, etc. Ocasionally I've given away a gaming mouse or headset that I'm not happy with or no longer need but that's about it.
  7. If old PC parts still works when I decide to replace them, I generally keep them or give it to a family member.

    I never sold an item before, at least on purpose... The only thing I ever sold was my old iRiver H120 MP3 player when I was giving MP3 player advice to someone over at HardForum. I simply recommended the Cowon S9 to someone and mentioned my old iRiver was simply collecting dust. Someone else inquired about it and I simply price it at $100 (bought at ~$240).
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