Using iGPU without graphic card and monitor..!!

hi every body..
Newly I build a system..
i5 3570 k,
Radeon HD 7870
But yesterday I get my graphic card to warrenty because of some problems..
Now it take a week for them to change my HD 7870 but now i want to use my computer without that..for some my simple works..
But when I attach my monitor to motherbord(hdmi,disub,dvi) it does'nt show any thing..
I mean monitor is completly off..or no signal mode...
But i found that the system is up corectly..
I mean I found the OS is going up and...
How can I activate my iGPU in this situation?
I can't even access to bios..cause I don't see anything..
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  1. Check your dvi,vga cable properly.
  2. it's completly conectet..
    But nothing appear..!?
    What can i do..?

    Excuse me because of duplicated topic..i'm writing on phone..sorry
  3. Well see your psu fan is spining or you hear any beep from pc.
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    I had the same problem before with my 2500K. Since I disabled the iGPU in the BIOS for the add-in graphics to work optimally, the only way to get it back was to reset bios.
    Just reset your bios on your mboard and reboot, it will be ok. Yes then, you'll have to re-tweak.
  5. Your problem maybe in the Bios if you have set it to PCI-e only. I have had that problem with my 3870K system. Sadly the only way to find out is to reset the BIOS
  6. I remove the psu cable and then mainbord battery for some second..but again when I turn it on nothing happen..:-(
  7. Check your monitor input signal setting. It should be either "Auto" or "Analog" D-sub on MB sends only analog signal. But reading other replies, I think you may have to reset BIOS most likely.

    On a side note, I left the internal graphics enabled on my i5-2400, just in case like this. Is there any reason to disable it at all? It seems to me that HD 2000 is not doing anything, so even if there might be some current on the part of CPU, it would be negligible. It doesn't interfere with my PCI-e graphics card, either. Also, having another display option is helpful when you run dual display setup, which I do on some rare occasion. I know it can be done on my GTX 560 Ti 448 alone, but is there any harm done by leaving HD 2000 alive?
  8. I found that i should reset RTC ram of mother bord..
    But is ther any problem with it..?
    I mean if i reset it there is no problem..?
    Do you think I reset it or wait for next week..?
  9. They're is very little risk to resetting your BIOS bar maybe losing any Overclocking settings and those you can usually save so the choice is really yours my friend
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