Upgrade to cf 6950?

I recently purchased a hd 6950(Don't have plans on refunding/selling it) and I have a question between 2 options. One would be to keep the single 6950 for 2-3 years then upgrade it to a better one. The other would be to get another 6950 and upgrade in like 5-6 years. Although I heard some downsides to crossfire, such as not being compatible with all games, and heat problems, because they sit pretty close together. Any suggestions?
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  1. Crossfire not being compatible with some games really just means it uses one card instead of 2, and those games are not common.

    Also, it depends on if you have the reference cards. The reference cards have the poor cooling design.
  2. what's the rest of your hardware, opsys and monitor/res ?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have the sapphire 2gb 6950 oc edition with 2 fans. And is microstuttering still an issue? I saw people write about it in the found but that was a year ago. Have any drivers been released for it?
  4. Inel core i5 3550, w7, 800 watt power supply, and 1280x1024 soon to be upgraded to higher res
  5. What is the make/model of your 800 watt PSU?

    What motherboard are you using?

    It really depends on the games you play.I could see a 6950 crossfire lasting about 4 years but that would be the max.By then it would be acting like a single mid range card at that current time.

    Your current Sapphire card is an aftermarket version and with a very good cooler.If you find another aftermarket version you shouldn't have any heat problems.

    I never heard anything about the 69xx series having micro-stutter.I believe it was the 6870's that had micro-stuttering problems in crossfire.I own a 6870 crossfire and I don't get micro-stutter.I'm pretty sure they released a driver with a fix.But as I said it was for the 6870 not the 6950.
  6. The 800 watt is gamer series corsair. The motherboard is ASUS P8Z68-V LX
  7. The motherboard says crossfire x ready between the 2 pci-e ports, so I am going to assume it can crossfire. Also, will the CPU be a bottleneck to the gpu's?
  8. you do realize the second slot is 4x right ? and with the hardware you have, even with a monitor upgrade, the system should run fine with 1 card for a while. by then something new and faster at a reasonable price will be out for you to upgrade to.
  9. What is so bad about 4x?

    Edit: "not to mention it just doesnt matter, because the secondary cards dont run their bandwidth via the slot. they simply dont need to move as much data (remember crossfire/SLI bridges? they exist for a reason)"
    Is that true?
  10. you want to run cross fire regardless so don't forget to read the second part of my post. that doesn't matter either.
  11. Running a 6950 @ x4 you loose about 10%-15% of the performance,depending on the game.Personally I wouldn't do it but it's your decision.Just remember that your paying $150 for something your only going to get $100 worth.
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    16x/4x with crossfire or sli is bad

    just stick with the single gpu, so you are always compatible with new/old games and then upgrade to a more powerful single gpu.

    I was running dual 6950s (at 16x/8x), one failed (died) on me so I ended up replacing them with a gtx 670 (performance wise I switched from dual gpus to a single gpu and kept the same performance) E.G. a single more powerful gpu. Currently running two 670s ;o
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