Will a 7870 run with a 650W power supply?

I've got a ATI XFX 6870 Black Edition at the moment and i'm thinking of upgrading to a 7870. I'm just wondering if a 650W power supply would be enough to support this and the other components in my computer?

Also, i'm thinking of starting steaming and i'm wondering if my computer would be able to handle it. I have the sufficient upload speed.

ATI XFX 6870 Black Edition ( I should have a 7870 by then, however )

4GB DDR3 Dual Channel @ 1333MHz (I'm thinking of upgrading to 8GB, is it worth it?)

i5 2500k 3.3GHz

One last question, I set my CPU clocks to 4400MHz on my BIOS and then saved it and restarted my computer. However when I go into system it reads; Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500k CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30GHz.

Does this mean that the overclock didn't work?
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  1. The power supply should be sufficient at 650wattage, a lot of the time people overkill how much power they have in their system so that should be fine.

    I would recommend upgrading to 8 or 16 for your ram. Will help increase your overall performance and speed.

    Streaming: you'll be fine a lot of people stream on a lot worse. just make sure you have good software like xsplit.

    Your over clock may have not registered by the OS try rescanning to see if it fixes. And double check in your bios that its at that frequency still.
  2. Yes it will, but for crossfire the website states a minimum of 650w.
  3. Easily run with 650w and although Xfire requires at least 650w, that would most likely be fine too. Windows doesn't always show overclocks. Good software will though and so will your start up screen. I would use CPUZ. I would definitely run at least 8GB of memory.
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