How Does Intel's "Turbo-boost" Work??

Hey, gents.

So all new CPUs coming out (as you've noticed) all have Turbo-boost 2.0 technology boosting CPUs up to 1.0GHz (give or take) more!

Example: My i7-3840QM mobile CPU is 2.8 GHz BOOSTED to 3.8GHz...

My question: What the hell does that mean? If it can "boost" to 3.8GHz...just keep it there, lol. It's like a pilot saying, "We are going to decrease flight time by flying faster."

I say, "Fly that fast the whole time!!"

So how does the Turbo-boost 2.0 in my mobile CPU work?? Does it fluctuate between speeds? HELP!

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    Ok first of all what Intel® Turbo Boost does is that detects the temperature, if it is plugged in (on a laptop) and the number of cores in use. Based on this information it can clock the speed up. So if you are using only a single core and the temperatures are good you will get the best speed. For each additional core in use it may drop down 100MHz. So unless you are over heating you should still get a performance boost from Intel Turbo boost.

    Here is a link for a monitor to watch the speed on the processor.

    and here is a more detailed description on Intel Turbo Boost
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