First build woes..

I am preparing to do my first build. After loads of reviewing blogs, reviews, mags etc. I decided on the i5 2500K with the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 set up from the Gaming PC magazine.

My question is based on the money woes. I have been looking at Autocad courses and heard the i7 series is better suited to programs like this. Does Auto Cad fall under this or am I still good with the i5?

Also, Virus protecton, firewall, OS.... It seems like such a waste to buy into all this and still have the same pop ups from Mcaffee and Windows. I have heard Lenox is second to windows. (Windows is also on the computer) So why Lenox?
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  1. The i5 should be fine. The biggest factor will be the graphics card. For autocad you do not want a gaming video card. You need to look at the Nvidia Quadro for AMD FireGL cards for autocad. These are workstation video cards that are targeted at this type of processing.

    I'm not sure what you are asking pertaining to virus protection. Free Microsoft Security Essentials is all you need. I would stay with a Windows OS. Linux is a good operating system but it is difficult to use if you don't have moderate knowledge of programming.
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