GPU causing system lock up

I recently purchased a new motherboard and processor, ASrock extreme6 z77 and a 2600k and used all my old parts. Either playing a game, idling or just streaming a movie to my TV, it just locks up. I've narrowed it down to the graphics card. Whether it's being used or just even plugged in, and using the onboard video via processor it locks up, anyone know the possible cause for this?

The GPU is around 8 months old, worked flawless in my old system. Soon as I build this new one, day 1 it started freezing it.
Is it possible its a problem with the motherboard?

Oh and my psu is a corsair 750w

thanks in advance guys
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  1. i found on my system (z77 sabertooth and a nvidia 550ti) if the mvp chipset is turned on and the software is installed it ccauses a lot of errors... I would start by booting into the bios and set the gpu as the first boot device and turn off mvp/onboard video. then boot into safe mode uninstall the intel video chipset software and the mvp software and reboot.
    make sure the intel chipset software newest ones is installed. also use cpu-z and check that the ram is running at the right speed. most new mb if you dont turn on the xmp profile will default to a slow speed or wrong timing.
    also check that you have the newest bios that has the newest cpu code and ram code.
    i would also use gpu-z and see that the pci slot and video card is working fine (should say pci 2x by 16 mode if it reading 1x then the card may not seated or the mb having issue reading the card. if your mb has two pci video slot try the video card in another slot.
  2. I looked in the bios, there was no option to disable the onboard video and I dont even have the MVP drivers installed, thats the only thing that makes it stable is using the onboard video with my processors gpu.

    My memory timing and speed are all correct.

    The card will work and play games normally, it just freezes up after a bit. I'm going to try and put it into a different slot see if I get the same results.

    I appriciate your help, thanks. :)
  3. make sure on the new mb the bios is up to date a lot of the z77 and x68 need cpu code and ram updates..also make sure you got the newest intel chipset driver loaded from intel on your hard drive.
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