Can anyone name this case dual Radi 120mm.3 & 120MM.4

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  1. I think it is a LD PC-V8 ATX/HPTX Black Dang 700 bucks with shipping I could get a Corsair 900d and most of the water cooling gear for that price
  2. According to the builder its an Antec P182 and yes, its modded :P
    **Edit reading through it further though, it seems he built that one himself, the P182 was his first 'attempt' that inspired him to build that one**
  3. What gear are you planning on putting into yours btw? theres some nice rigs in the W/c gallery here to ahem, 'borrow' ideas from, and there are a few of us here that can/will help with design for you too
  4. I have dual 7970's I am going to order WB for and a 3930k that will also be WC I am thinking a single 120mm x4 would work but I want to do dual loops so I was going to used a 120x4 for the video and a 120x3 for the cpu and chipset

    if he built that one from scratch he is damm good and it is damm close to the Little devil case maybe they ripped off his idea.,
  5. A single 480 rad is pushing it for all that heatware but your dual loop plan has enough rad for everything,
    check out the W/c sticky at the top of the overclocking section for some starting points, like why chipset cooling usually isn't a good idea and how to calculate radiator requirements
    I'd love access to Mick's toolshop hehe, he obviously has everything I need to scratchbuild cases :P
  6. I would love to have the talet to even try to build one from scrtach
  7. Then set out to learn, the hardest step in anything is starting :)
    If you feel up to building one from scratch I'm willing to help and I'm sure others will put some good advice your way too :)
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