Should i upgrade my cpu?

from AMD athlon II 3x 455 ---> FX-4100 / 6300?

was just thinking of the 4100 cause of 4 cores and its rather cheap but when looking at for example cinebench benchmarks my current 3x 455 OC'd @ 3.6 ghz from 3.3 ( not by much bt still ) gets a score of 3.02 from multi rendering and 4100 gets 3.07 from multi rendering

or should i spend some extra cash & get 6300?
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  1. Do not get fx4100.get fx 6300 which far better in multitasking and gaming.

    Love this review every month!

    Also love how my aging 2600K is still above anything AMD ;)
  3. oh it seems that the fx-4300 is 95W too, should i get that instead?
  4. oh and my MB has a core unlocker, would it be possible to get the 4300 --> 6 core or 6300 --> 8 core?
  5. the fx series does not have any hidden cores like the phenoms and athlons, its just built into am3+ boards as those cpus can be used on it Def the 6300, its only $10 more than the 4300 its just logical lol
  6. 6300
  7. Agree get the 6300.
  8. the 6300 is the best option...however,if i were you,i would try to sell what you have now and migrate towards intel,but this is regarding budget!
  9. +1 6300 or stick with what you have until you can buy an i5.
  10. Stay with AMD to keep competition alive.
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