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Just wondering if this is possible. I have an ethernet cable wired up into my room which feeds into my PC. I also have a Sky+HD and want to use the Anytime+ which needs a network connection. I don't want to pay Sky £60 to add the wireless adaptor, I'm not fussed enough to pay that. However I have a spare router, one that Sky provided to me in my student house and it's just sitting around now, it's a D-Link DSL-2640S (pretty sure it is anyway). What I want to know is can I plug the ethernet cable coming into my room and split it between my PC and my Sky box using the spare router? If so how do I do this? Also what is the effect on the speed? I also have a PS3 connected wirelessly which is fine but if speed isn't effect much I may also connect that up to, but this isn't essential and happy to leave connected wirelessly.

There are four ethernet ports on the back which sky have marked 2 in yellow, one in blue and one in green, not sure why but wondered if this was any help?

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  1. I don't know about the color coding, but yes, you can use a router as a switch if you disable DHCP on the router and only use the LAN ports, not the one labeled WAN.
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