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Have a Dericam web cam, working fine, but when I set it to record a window appears to allow me to choose where the file is to be saved, ie My Documents, but when I return to Documents using Windows Exlorer or Media Player the files cannot be seen. They do, however, appear in the window when 'Record' is selected. I've checked 'Show Hidden Files' in Folder Options to no avail... any suggestions welcome! (I have a jpeg of the 'Window' but can't remember how to insert it...)
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  1. I think you're checking the wrong location!

    Search your drive
  2. Searched for *.avi, nothing found!
  3. Hmmm. I thought when you entered a value in the 'Search' window that the whole of 'C' was searched. Seems not. When I selected 'See more results' and then chose 'search local disk C 'I found the files
    Lesson learned for the day... thanks...
  4. It depends on how you have Indexing setup. You can modify the locations, or include/remove locations from the Indexing options.
  5. When I said I found the files I was wrong. They were two files I recorded some weeks ago, and not the recent ones. I fail to understand how I can see the files, with full details, in the 'Save as' window, but when I open the folder it's empty...
  6. Try manually saving it to your Desktop or to the root of C: to verify that you are actually saving it to where you think that you are saving the file(s).
  7. I've tried in various places, just get empty folders. Tried to save in Local Disk C: but was not allowed, suggested 'my Videos' but same result.
  8. What program are you using to record the files?
    Have you tried Windows Movie Maker?
  9. The recording software is provided by Dericam, the manufacturers. The video stream is recieved wirelessly via a router, I'll try Movie maker to see if it can find the stream...
  10. Searched for *.avi, nothing found!
  11. dodger46 said:
    The recording software is provided by Dericam, the manufacturers. The video stream is recieved wirelessly via a router, I'll try Movie maker to see if it can find the stream...

    Are you "Jaer.." also?
  12. Noooo! Don't know who he is! Can't see how to point Moviemaker in the right direction for the stream. It arrives in a web page from the router ie
  13. Check your firewall on your pc; It sounds like maybe that is blocking you from saving it I guess.
  14. Firewall set to accept i/p from camera, still nothing showing in folders. Yet the 'Save in' window displays full details of the files including date,time and size of file! Why,oh why, can't Windows see them! Frustrating.
  15. Is there any easy way to hook-up the cam directly to your pc/laptop?
    Have your tried their support website?
  16. Can only be hooked up via a router. I've tried their tech dept and they haven't come up with anything thus far. Beginning to think it has a fault, but everything points to software. Can record a snapshot ok, why not video! I've tried it on another machine. Same result.
  17. I don't know, maybe a license issue?
  18. No licence involved. I've installed the unit on different systems, a desktop running Win 7 64 bit and a laptop running Windows 32 bit. The saved files can clearly be seen from the Dericam 'Save as' window complete with all file details. They cannot be detected by Windows Explorer, or Windows Media Player. However, I have discovered that if I right click on the files in the 'Save as' Window, they can be played by clicking on 'play'. which proves beyond doubt that they exist, but why cannot Windows see them!
  19. Make sure that you have FULL rights to that folder.
    If possible, log in with the local admin account and test.
  20. As far as I can see I have full rights to access the folder. Within the 'Save as' window I can send the saved file to Documents and then do what I like with it! But I shouldn't have to do it this way...
  21. I have the exact same problem. I can log into the camera from 2 different PCs and one it works fine - files are there and can be manipulated from file explorer, and the other PC I get the situation described here. Both are windows 7, just different versions.

    The interesting thing is that when you see the files via the "start recording" function (save as), you can actually select them, select properties and even Open them with Quicktime, Windows Media Player and even with Media Center - which lets you burn it to DVD as a file or movie without problem. If you try to copy/paste file from this window to somewhere else, it says file can't be found. Same with several other function, like adding to a zip file. Really odd.
  22. Also if you save the recorded files to an external disk it works fine! Which version of Windows works for you? I've tried Vista Home premium 32bit, Win 7 Home Premium 32 and 64 bit, Win 7 Pro 64 all to no avail...
  23. Windows 7 Enterprise works fine, 7 Home Premium does not.
  24. Hmm! Would be the one version I don't have...
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