Saphire 4870x2

Hi everybody. :hello:
at this moment i have this:

CPU AMD Athlon II X2 250 Processor 3,0 Ghz
RAM Apacer DDR3 1333mhz 4 gb (2x2)
MOTHER Gigabyte m52lt-d3 LINK:
GRAPHICS Gigabyte Radeon 5450
PSU no name 350W
HDD Samsung 500gb

Is there any point of changing Graphics to old high end card : Saphire 4870x2 ( i can get this one for just a half ebay price )
At least I want to know what kind of PSU power and brand i need? for e.g. corsair 600W is enough? or mid brand 750W ?
Just wanted to play battlefield3 normaly ( for e.g. on medium at least at 70fps or higher settings 40 fps ? ) asasins creed and other new games.
It would be good upgrade ? What should I do
HELP ME :sweat:
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  2. You would be better off buying a newer GPU because the 4870x2 gets around 50+ FPS on medium according to this thread I found in a google search, its an old card.
  3. How much are you trying to spend??
  4. about 60 ( 85 dollars~ ) pounds on saphire 4870x2 and 50 ( 70 dollars )pounds for PSU.
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  6. If that's whats in your budget, I would say it's probably a good upgrade and it will run well. I have an old PC I donated to my brother that had a Phenom II 555BE and Sapphire Radeon HD 4850X2 and it ran well on an Antec 550W PSU. He still can play modern games at respectable settings and resolutions without FPS dropping below 30. StarCraft 2, BF3, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and MW3 all run at a mixture of High/Ultra (with 2X AA, so the GDDR5 on the 4870X2 will help increase it if you want) at 1920X1080. It's a good idea to maybe spend more and reach a little bit on that PSU and get one in the 700W-800W range because you can always upgrade to a 6970 when they drop a bit more in price and maybe even look for a Thurban based CPU for cheap second hand.
  7. You are definitely going to need to get a new power supply for any new card.

    That being said, the 4850X2 is still a powerful card, but I would be careful buying used graphics cards. There's always a reason someone sells something.
  8. i have a XFX HD 4870 and i play BF3 on HIGH @1280x720 and get 40-60FPS VSync on
  9. Do you know the person selling it?
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