DVI flickering when dual monitor - GT220 ** please help, Thanks alot

Hello Friends,

I have just set up dual monitor on my desktop. Here is the problem.

The major monitor is acer 19' LCD on DVI @1920*1080, 60Hz (it supports both DVI and VGA)
The 2nd monitor is a 17' LCD on VGA @1280*1024, 60Hz (it supports VGA only)
The 19' LCD on DVI flickers.

The visual card is nVidia XFX GT220 with one DVI and one VGA
The operating system is Win7 32bit Ultimate.
The power is WIDETECH 655 Platinum, Model ATX550.
The motherboard is GIGABYTE P55A-UD3

To solve the problem, I re-installed the OS, but it doesn't help.
I bought an expensive DVI cable instead of the one provided by ACER, it also doesn't help.
I tried to switch the major and the 2nd monitor, set the 17' to be the major, it also doesn't help at all.
I also tried different resolution and rate:
--PC 1920*1080 @ 60Hz: Flickers
--PC 1680*1050 @ 60Hz: Flickers
--PC 1600*1024 @ 60Hz: Flickers
--HD,SD 1080P 1920*1080 @ 59Hz: Flickers
--HD,SD 1080P 1920*1080 @ 50 Hz: Flickers
--HD,SD 1080i 1920*1080 @ 29Hz Does not flicker
--HD,SD 1080i 1920*1080 @ 25Hz monitor does not work
--HD,SD 720P 1280*720 @ 59Hz Does not flicker
--HD,SD 720P 1280*720 @ 50Hz Does not flicker
As shown above, there are only 3 options make the monitor not to flicker which I do not want to use. 1080i makes display shakes, it makes my eye unconfortable. 720p are not suit for a 19' LCD.

I have already updated the visual driver to the latest version.
It also flickers (sometimes, not always) when I put the 19'LCD on DVI only (not dual monitor). But never happend by using VGA.

I googled the issue, found some similar problems, but none of them could help me to solve it.
What else can I try?
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  2. may I suggest using a DVI to VGA adapter and use the 2 monitors using VGA connections, try it and get back to us
    (not the best setup since VGA isn't ideal for 1080p, but will help nail down the problems source.)

    Other than that I believe the card might be the problem, if u have another one laying around maybe you can switch it and try again

    Good luck
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