Can i use i7 930 " 1366 " On 1155 ATX

I have i7 930 and i want to use it on 1155 Motherboard .

is there any chance that it will work fine ?
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  1. Nope, the i7 930 is for socket LGA 1366 boards, LGA 1155 is for Sandy and Ivy Bridge chips.
  2. ^ word
  3. No Way don't even try it. even the size of the CPU's are different and likely won't even fit on the board. you could risk breaking the CPU or the board. DON'T DO IT
  4. If the others didnt convince you than let me make it clear. You can not use a processor with one socket on a board with another socket. Heck you can't even use a 1155 socket processor on a 1156 socket board.
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