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Hi, I have a Radeon HD 6450 graphics card in my Dell XPS 8300 desktop pc and have just taken out an Nvidia Geforce GT 640 2GB card out of another pc. Is it worth swapping the 6450 for the 640, will I gain improved graphics quality in everyday multimedia applications and web streaming?
Thanks, Paul
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  1. Its a better card but I don't think you will notice the difference unless you currently notice any lag on anything you mentioned.
  2. No not really noticed lag or anything, was wondering if I would get better picture quality, less grain, sharper image, etc.
  3. No.
  4. +1 no you won't
  5. Okey dokey, cheers
  6. One last question, any suggestions on the best way to get the best quality streaming picture, sharpness, etc. either with a graphics card or new pc?
  7. Better internet connection and monitor will help more
  8. Usually monitor will help. :)
  9. Streaming is generaly ok, every now and again little buffering if at all and I use a 40" flat screen tv for viewing streaming films and the monitor is generaly ok for other applications.
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