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Alright, after buying a PC in 2008 and using it this long, I figured I should upgrade it. The 4 things that I want to upgrade is the Motherboard, GPU and PSU, plus the fans to go to everything (and anything else that needs to be replaced/ or need.) I put back a little money at a time for a couple of months and I have $800, but I can easily get it to $1000 if needed. I AM NOT LOOKING TO BUILD A NEW SYSTEM.

I'm kind of too lazy to go get the specs, but the model is HP m9040n.

I'm a casual gamer, nothing too demanding especially since the 8400 GS sucks. The must with buying new parts is that it will be able to play a few of my favorite games. I don't care about the maker of the part as long as it can be OC'd and is functional.

Is there anything else that I need to buy? (Excluding RAM and such.)

What can I buy in that range that will support my gaming needs? (P.S. I want parts that can play GTA IV at max settings.)
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  1. So tou want to keep that processor ? ... It's an old Core2Quad Q6600 on socket 775. Socket 775 bords are really hard to find and most of them only support DDR2 which is way more expensive than DDR3. So, what you would need is : Motherboard, Processor, Ram, Graphic Card, Psu and your fans.

    If that was my system, i would take this :

    Motherboard : (69.99$)

    Prossessor : (199.99$)

    Ram : (44.99$)

    Graphic Card : (389.99$)

    Power Supply : (109.99$)

    If you are wondering why i chose amd for the processor look at this video :

    That system is like the best for the buck system for the money you have. It gets around 820$.

    Because your case is too small, i couldn't get any bigger motherboard so it dosen't support as much things as a normal atx motherboard.

    - The Brownie
  2. I think socket LGA775 used DDR2 ram, so your gonna need that. And your HP case probably won't fit a big GPU.
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