Metals in Computers?

Are any computer components and semi conductors made of the element Tellurium? I know they mostly consist of copper as conductors, but I'm presenting this for Chemistry class and chose tellurium as my element, since there were not others such as silicon or copper -sad face-. I was going to just unscrew all of the hardware out of the computer and bring it to class as my 'example' of tellurium.
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  1. Since it is a semi conductor of electricity, it is used in making calculators and computers.?

    beats me on what specificly its used in tho.
  2. I'll just rig it, haha. I don't think anyone knows much about computers and their make-up within my class.
  3. sounds good -_-
  4. Solar panels often use it. Could use one of those old solar-powered calculators. It's also present in rewritable DVD and Bluray discs.
  5. yep thats tru sakkura, rewritable dvd and blurays got em, dvd cheaper tho :D
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