Upgrade to PCI-E LAN Necessary?


I've recently bought a new motherboard for my desktop computer. So far I am please with all its features it has to offer. The only concern I have is on it's on-board NIC which comes with a Realtek 8111F. I've mostly read negative reviews for Realtek LAN cards. To me the NIC card is the most important component in the system as I use the internet frequently for HD streaming, gaming, video conferencing, and even work with virtual networks in VM's. I also care a lot about data integrity (making sure transmission goes smoothly etc..)

For quality's sake, should I get an Intel Gigabit NIC? I've been using Intel's based NICs for years without much issue. Or, is the current onboard NIC sufficient? Share your experiences... :D
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  1. If it's on the board, it's because it can handle pretty much everything and without problem. Adding a new card would be like ... Trading Kingston memory for Corsair memory because it's red insted of blue ... (bad comparison but anyway)

    - The Brownie
  2. realtek is absolutely fine, used them many times. you only need an Intel nic if there is a specific reason you need intel or want advance features like QoS etc which you won't ever use in a home/desktop environment
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