Is there a CCC I can use for Radeon 2100 under WIndows 7?

I put together a basic MCE machine for my wife using an older but perfectly functional AMD 740G platform (with the integrated Radeon 2100). Everything works perfectly EXCEPT that when going from DVI to HDMI, I get the well documented "underscan", for which the well documented solution is to go into CCC and change the DTV scaling to none.

Only trouble is, AMD does not list an driver/CCC for the 2100 for Windows 7 (system is using the WUP provided driver).

Is there a CCC I can download which will work, or any other way to access the offending setting under Windows 7? I REALLY dont want to start over with Vista.

(Please, no "buy a new GPU" comments).
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  1. According to AMDs' site CCC 12.6 beta is suitable for hd2000 graphics. You can download CCC here >>
    Hope this helps, good luck.
  2. Follow up: I tried the very last "beta" Vista driver package and it installed without complaint in Windows 7. CCC got installed and the setting I was missing and needed was there.

    The video quality is horrible, but that's a separate issue.
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