Qualcomm Atheros AR5bwb222 Wireless Card not working

Recently I had upgraded my computer's video card and power supply. In order for the video card to fit, I had to move the WiFi card in another slot. My computer says the card is working fine, but it can't connect to networks. However, it can detect the networks, it just can't connect to them. I have already tried to install all the drivers I could, and none of them helped. I tried to find drivers for Windows 8 but they didn't have any.

My computer is a Gateway DX4870-UB318

Thanks in advance!
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  1. ?
  2. I already tried that
  3. hmm. i dunno dude.

    only thing i can think of is do a fresh install of windows, can u backup ur drive?
  4. idk how do you do that?
  5. i really dont know, usually after u uninstall a driver and reinstall it should work.

    do u have 1 or 2 hard-drives?
  6. I only have 1
  7. do u have alot of data on it that u need to backup?
  8. not really it's new
  9. do u have the windows disc with u so u can reinstall windows right?

    i recommand a fresh install something sounds corrupted on ur install or somethings off.
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