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My Logitech USB headset (not sure what model) hasn't been giving me problems in Ventrilo until today. I've made no changes to any settings. The mic keeps picking up a static white noise in the background. I have made sure that input and output device have been selected to USB, as well as my sound settings under Control Panel. I have checked off "Use direct sound" on both input and output, and turned on the hardware input mixer to USB. I do have a table fan that contributes to the noise but it's never been an issue til now. I have turned off all sound enhancements under Sound in Control Panel. Windows Vista, hope you can help.
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  1. Dust can be doing that, no joke. Unplug it, blow in it (both the headset and the usb port) and try it again. If that doesn't work it could be a basic mic problem because it is old or nana.

    - The Brownie
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