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I got a new power supply for my computer, the power supply has a whole bunch of wires so i'm not exactly sure if i plug the wires where ever they fit or is there a specific way of doing it? Thanks!
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  1. First note where the old power supply cables were plugged in. Do the same with the new power supply. The connectors will either fit or not. There is the 20 or 24-pin main connector for the motherboard, then usually another 4-pin or 8-pin connector for the motherboard. Then there are connectors for the optical drive(s) and the hard disk drive(s), and maybe one or more 6-pin connector(s) for the video card (if you have one). That should about cover it.
  2. The wires should have plugs on the end. they are made to only fit in the right places.

    A PCI-e 8 pin CAN fit a CPU power connector for some strange reason, so just read the labels on those plugs.

    All others only fit on what they are made for.

    Also note that the floppy power connectors(they have 4 pins and are normally with the old hard drive molex connectors) can FIT a fan connector but NEVER do that.
  3. Hi :)

    A decent make will have instructions...

    All the best Brett :)
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