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I am trying to build a new PC to play mechwarrior online. My current rig just can't handle it. (One note, the core 2 duo in that build is OC'd to 3.8 now instead of 3.6).

What do you think about: newegg wishlist ?
Mobo -
CPU cooler -

The final price is about $20.00 cheaper w/ labor day deals and another $55.00 cheaper after MIRs. Making the final price point just under $600.

My alternates to the above list were:
CPU - (why is this one more expensive than the ivy bridge in the wish list?
GPU - I am not partial to either AMD or Nvidia gpus.

I plan on reusing one of these two cases (since I already have them:
Cooler master -
Antec (w/ a top 120mm fan mod) -

I also plan on swiping the optical drive from my current build and sticking an older on in that machine. I also plan to swipe win7 from my older build (baring that, I'll buy home premium).

Thoughts, feeling, criticisms?

Thanks for your time and consideration! :hello:

EDIT: updated title. realized it was a little vague :D

EDIT2: I already have a bunch of 500gb sata2 drives, so I don't need harddisks atm either.

EDIT3: pulled part list out of the newegg wish list.
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  1. If I where you i would spend a bit more on the graphics card and go with the GeForce gtx 660
  2. Thanks for the response!

    I actually got a little starry-eyed with labor day deals. I spent a little more time and came out with the list below. I still plan on reusing one of the cases listed above and still deciding on the OS deal.

    CPU - (i5 3550)
    Mobo - (ASRock z77 extreme 4)
    RAM - (8gb gskill sniper) (-$5.00 labor day deal)
    GPU - (AMD 7870)
    PSU - (OCZ 600w)

    I could also probably go with the stock cooler but I am a huge fan (no pun intended) of the hyper 212+
    CPU Cooler -

    ATM this puts me at 694.57 w/o shipping or tax.
    There is still a $20.00 MIR on the GPU and a $25.00 MIR on the PSU that I didn't add in.

    Edit: Meant to add that I generally don't upgrade the CPU in PCs I build. In the last 5 builds, I have never upgraded anything outside of the RAM, GPU, and HDD. Mostly, I have problems tossing perfectly good parts :) (still have an old AMD Athlon 2800+ barton sitting around here somewhere)
  3. I ended up going with a used asus 560 gtx OC for about $100. anything that my cpu wouldn't bottleneck would have cost the same so i figured i'd just get this one. (note: I went with a pci-e 2.0 card since the 1.1 slot can have issues with a 2.1 card).

    This topic can be closed (not sure if I can do that, haha)
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