Thermaltake Level 10 GTS 10 3GBs HDD?

Very new, first build. I am buying as I find deals. So, I got a GS 10 for $49 after rebates...great deal. Looks nice, like the hot swap bays. One question though: Why would it say in the manual that the Easy Swap Slot is embedded to enable Ultra Fast Transfer (up to 3GB)? Wouldn't that depend on the cable and the MoBo? And if so, why can I not get a 6GB SSD and 6GB HDD? Like I said, new...likely I am missing something. If I am limited to 3GB, so be it...but I want to know before I start buying those components.
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  1. well you only got 3Gb/s coz its a relatively cheap case? $49 is cheap. I paid like $300 or 400 for mine and I think I still only got a 3Gb/s hdd cage (about 2yrs ago tho). so don't sweat it homie. yes cables and mobo matter, but they wont be an issue.
  2. It is typically a $109 case with no PSU. Not that I feel it is the best case, but it is a good case according to reviews. I just don't totally get the 3GB limitation. Like I say, just a learning curve for me. I guess I never considered that the case would limit the Motherboard outside of form factor. Rookie...
  3. From what I read, if the device in the bay and the motherboard are SATA three, the result will be 6GB, even if I use the 3GB hot swap bay and SATA 2 cable array in the case. Meaning, the connector and cable should not limit the rate, unless it is a bad quality cable. Is that a fair assessment? I guess worst case, I sell the case, I woudl just like to know what I am in for before I buy everything, try to install it and then figure out I bought a bunch of steak and promptly squeezed ketchup all over it.
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