Nvidia 8800 GT card and NEC PA 30 W monitor

I would like to run a NEC PA 30 W monitor off of the Nvidia 8800 GT card. Is this possible? Is there a functionality downside or compromise? I plan on waiting for the 2013 Mac Pro if possible and would like to use this monitor in the interim. I do not wish to buy a new video card at this time. Please advise.


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    It will work fine for general fuctionality. The 8800gt can easily push 2560 x 1600 at 60 Hz over DVI.

    That card might struggle a bit at heavy 3D rendering, or games at that high of a resolution.
  2. Great! Thanks very much for the info.
  3. the worst that can happen is that the screen is VGA and your card is DVI. You can buy adapter for this.

    The only thing that can compromise functionality is the resolution ( can lower fps in video game but you can still change it in your video game configuration ), 3D ( nvidia 5xx and up can run 3D but cost alot of ressource ), the plug you have on... I guess thats it.

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