Media PC under $200?

I am asking for help from others because I am not sure if this is even possible, but it might be because I don't really need it to do much. Here are what I am looking for:

Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: probably sometime by the end of the year, but October would be my best guess.

Budget Range: I would like it to be as cheap as humanly possible (I am a university student after all)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: watching movies from a hard drive (max 720p), also I would like cd/dvd/bluray reader so I can watch movies and stuff. Basically, I want a glorified dvd player.

Are you buying a monitor: Nope. I will be connecting this via hdmi to my hdtv.

Parts to Upgrade: I have a dvd/cd reader, but figured I should update it so it has bluray as well for the future.

Do you need to buy OS: Nope, I will be using xbmc or some variant of linux.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I would prefer to be able to go into a store to buy stuff but that is downright impossible so as long as it is a Canadian site, it should be do-able.

Location: Southern Ontario, Canada

Parts Preferences: No real preferences.

Overclocking: No

Your Monitor Resolution: I can't recall to resolution at this time but it is a 32" hdtv so take your best guess.

Additional Comments: I don't even really need wireless capabilities but if the hdd could be easily accessible so I can put new content on every so often, that would be great!

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: I want a media pc! I am trying to separate all my media from all my work stuff so they don't get so cluttered.
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  1. 1080p most likely. I say you'll need at least $300 for it, maybe $350.
  2. spat55 said:
    1080p most likely. I say you'll need at least $300 for it, maybe $350.

    most 32inch tvs are 720p here
  3. hmm.

    if you live near toronto, you can go to one of ncix's store and arrange for pick up. its better than to pay newegg 10 bucks to ship your 20 dollar memory kit

    just price match everything in the ncix shopping cart

    the hard drive is 69.99 at ncix. prices can get screwy sometimes

    one problem is that there are nearly no cheap motherboards with hdmi. either you find a dvi to hdmi adaptor or else you will have to get a more expensive motherboard

    this should do the trick
  4. TheBigTroll said:
    most 32inch tvs are 720p here

    really? I had a 5 year old bravia 37in and that was 1080i :lol: You american or Canadian?
  5. He is Canadian.
  6. try the raspberry pi it only 35$
  7. not sure where you can get them in canada. plus, they dont have a dvd drive. you will have to hook up a external (if it has usb)
  8. First off, I am a she, but besides that...I was thinking about getting raspberry pi but them I figured that after getting a case (which are on backorder), the hassle of getting it in Canada (only one supplier), and the fact that I would need to get an external dvd, I figured just making my own system would be easier and quicker in the long run. Thanks for all of your suggestions!
  9. Is something like this all I would need?
  10. yeah. should be enough for your needs.
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