Can't uninstall catalyst

Hello world.

I've got a huge problem over here. My graphic driver are corrupted but are impossible to uninstall. When I do so, it gives me a BSOD right after selecting fast or personalize (when it says "list of component" or something like that) and it gives me as error the plug and play display. The fact is that I tried with a different display and it ain't givin' me results. I don't know what to do right now as I tried with Aitman unistaller but they all need to go by "list of component".

If u have an alternative way for uninstalling this, I would be happy.


PC : Win 7 pro x64
AMD radeon hd 3400 series ( dunno the model, I guess it's a 3450 )
think it's useless to say the rest.
BTW : It's an office desktop ( Dell Optiplex 780 ). f**k dell.
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  1. Download driver sweeper or a similar program, restart your pc in safe mode, run the driver sweeper so that it removes an ATi related drivers.
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