I7 3930k Are my Temps Ok?

Hey guys i just finished my system build last night everything went together well but i feel like my Cpu (i7 3930k) is running hot even at stock speeds (cooled by H100). Im on an asus sabertooth x79 and its Asus suit II thermal Radar says im running at about 33-34 degrees on idle. While I was trying to install the public test realm for D3 (so i can faceroll some newbs) my temps broke 70 merely installing a game, i know that is intensive but isn't playing the game more intensive? lol (forgive my noobishness). I don't plan on Over clocking just yet but i want to benchmark the system on ultra settings and i dont' wanna worry about damaging the CPU. I have herd there is a "break in period for the h100" wondering if anyone can shed some more light on this.

Things to consider
-i would consider myself to be in a cooler climate (pacific northwest)

- H100 mounted on the roof of corsair 600T with both fans set to Exhaust fan out of the case (as heat rises)

- I used the stock tim on the H100, and mounted it in a diagonal pattern as tight as possible by hand

-i made sure to use only the LGA 2011 frontplate mounting screws

-I have the pump set on the highest setting already (three lights illuminated)

*system specs*
-Corsair 600t case
-Sandy bridge-e 3930k CPU
-Asus Sabertooth x79 mobo
-Corsair vengeance RAM @1866 32gig
-Galaxy GTX670 4GB vRam 256 memory
-silencer Mk III 600W PSU
-Adata 256G SSD
-1 TB WD Library Mech Drive
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  1. this is what i wanna u to do, run prime95 64 bit for an hour, choose the cpu testing test.

    and tell me what ur max temps are.

    those are the temps u wanna worry about.


    than come back here and write down ur results.
  2. while thats a good idea i don't want the max temps to go above 80 or so and then then life of the chip is significantly reduced :(
    Thanks for your post and i will be downloading prime95 eventually i just dont wanna stress test the CPU now and break its arms and legs off lol.
  3. its normal, u need to stress test it to know whats ur max temps, or else how u gonna get it?
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