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Ok, so this is my first build, Fx-4170, 16 gigs of G.Skill Ram, ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX Motherboard a Roswell Green series 630W PSU 80+ certified and a HIS ghz series 7770 and . The problem im having is that, when i plug it in and try to boot it up, all i get are the fans going on and off, on and off, real fast, like i am turning the computer on really fast a bunch of times. it only seems to happen when i have the 7770 in but when i don't the integrated graphics wont show a picture on my screen, i have checked all the connections, i have used different outlets, and i cant just seem to figure it out. if you have any questions please ask, i just want to have a good First build lol. :pfff:
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    It sounds like it might be a bad board. Breadboard it outside the case on a soft non-conductive surface. Install just the CPU, cooler, memory, PSU (24 pin and 4/8 pin), monitor to on-board. Short the 2 pins for a sec. that the pwr sw. would connect to to start the system.* (Same 2 pins for several seconds to shut down) The sys should come on and you should see the boot screen.

    If you can't get a display, you probably need to RMA the board. CPUs are far less likely to be bad than boards.

    * You could also use the cable from your case's pwr button if you can get the board close enough, if you don't like shorting the pins.
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