PC turns on only at random times?

My pc wasn't able to boot but there are times that it boots normally, I think it should be the power supply, because one day my brother was using my pc and it was raining, and then suddenly there is a lightning that strike (i dont know where it strike) and then my pc shuts off (there is no blackout), when i turn on my pc it doesn't turn on anymore, no fans spinning, no lights. So i plan to buy new psu, but my uncle told me that he will fix the psu so that i can save money, so he fix the psu, he said that the "diode" was burnt, and pc turns on again, after a few months, my pc doesn't turns on, it turns on only after a few days. and then that's it,
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  1. hello
    I don't think it's the PSU !

    did the fans turn on normally ?
    did there any voice ?
  2. yes, there is, i saw the fans spinning, but the power led besides the power button doesn't light.
  3. mmm ok try to remove the RAM

    if it give a noise peeeep then your power supply and your CPU and your MOBO are good .. and maybe 90% it's your VGA

    and if you hear nothing then it's a problem about on my opinion CPU or MOBO
  4. its the psu, it smells like somethings burning inside, im gonna replace that as soon a possible.
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