Water cooling gtx 480 lightning sli plus 2600k


Thanks for taking the time to read and offer assistance with my thread. I'm looking to water cool my system. I use it for gaming, folding (big time ), and media conversion.

2600k @ 4.5 ghz to 5ghz
Gtx 480 sli msi lightning edition
16gb lp vengeance ram 1600
Nzxt phantom black orange edition with xigmatek orange led fans

I need help with obtaining waterblocks, pumps, rad, tubing, etc for the two gpu cards and CPU. I got h100 but its loud and pretty hot when I clock the CPU at 4.5ghz plus. At 5ghz its just not stable due to heat. Looking for an external radiator as phantom only supports 240 internally which wouldn't be much better than the h100. The gpu fans get ridiculously loud when folding. So looking for a quiet but high performance solution.

Thanks again.
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  1. Nope sorry didn't yet. Will repost there thanks.
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