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which one is the best? intel core i3 2120 vs intel core2 quad Q9550S
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  1. monbab said:
    which one is the best? intel core i3 2120 vs intel core2 quad Q9550S

    is the q9550 still available? where can i buy one?
  2. Both are about equal actually, so go for the i3 as it draws less power and its socket has upgradability.
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    'was gonna say, the Core i3 has an integrated memory controller (like the Athlon 64's did) and PCI Express v2.0 support on the chip itself, which will improve the overall performance of the system far more than losing 9MB of overpriced cache memory from a die shrink that is a decade old when manufacturing costs were wayyyyyy higher.

    12MB of cache doesn't have 4x times the hit ratio of 3MB.
    - It might in fact only have 1/4 the miss ratio however....

    Still if the miss ratio is 1% on the 12MB part, and 4% on the 3MB part.
    - The hit ratio is 99% on the 12MB part, and 96% on the 3MB part.

    So if the Core i3 is clocked just 3.125% higher, it will outperform the 12MB cache part.
    - The memory interface on the Core i3 is 21GB/sec, so in effect the RAM itself almost is a level of cache, when compared to a Core 2 Quad which uses the old-school Front Side Bus technology, which is half as fast (tops) in this case.

  4. Core i3 2120 is better at gaming than the Q9550s but when your doing something like multi task such as adobe, the Q9550s is actually better... If gaming, i'd prefer i3 2120 myself because it's way better at gaming despite the dual core but it has 4 virtual cores..
  5. i3 is better and it is new gen cpu and has hyperthreading means acts as 4 cores which is useful in applications but has no impact on gaming but overall in gaming i3 is better.
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  7. thank you guys.... I choose core i3
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