How to fully uninstall AMD Video Driver (With AMD Chipset) ?

I have both AMD Graphics and AMD processor. I keep hearing (Do not use driver sweepers on AMD) so the other way to uninstall is to delete all the ATI/AMD folders after uninstalling Control Center but (not if you have a AMD processor as well). How do I go about completely uninstalling my video drivers. Ever since i did the update on 6/28 ive been getting pixel errors that are increasing. So i have uninstalled the AMD catalyst center. (Under device manager my AMD RADEON 6870 still appears on there after uninstalling) Does that mean the driver is still installed?

Heres a screenshot of the issue
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  1. This might not even be a purely driver related issue, you could be dealing with a damaged card by the looks of it. I would either do a clean windows install or use driver sweeper to test it out, I don't think you will have trouble with your AMD processor although I don't know for sure.
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