Radeon 6850. 2 short beeps 1 long on start up

hey guys
ive been trying to install my new VTX 3d Radeon HD 6850 graphics card for the past hour or so however i cant figure out why i keep recieveing the beep code:
2 short beeps 1 long beep

on start up
now ive been looking up on google etc and it says:

"unable to initialize video or video card required but not installed

now i know that the card is seated correctly but the main though i am having is that it could be do with insufficent power to the card, would that cause this beep code sequence? mainly because therre is an avaliable 6 pin power supply port on the top of the card.

if anyone has any ideas on this matter id appreciate the feedback
ill be watching this thread closely

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It could be power, what are your system specs including PSU.
  2. if you didn't plug in a 6 pin, that would be why.
  3. the 6850's have up to two power connectors, what size psu do you have?
  4. i apologise how do i find my system PSU? (windows 7)
  5. you open your case and look at the psu itself, you should find a sticker attached to it.
  6. currently in the process of ordering a 6 pin cable. and the sticker says:

    total dc power output shall not exceed 300W
  7. A power supply looks like this:

    Also, did you plug in the power connector on the side of the graphics card that looks like this?

  8. 300W is not enough for a 6850. I hope no one here recommended you try that :\

    Get one of these before you get a 6-pin, since the card wont run on 300W:

  9. yes i found the PSU sticker and no i currently do not have a 6 pin cable present within the graphics card, i have just completed ordering one
    hopefully i can get this all sorted out once it arrives on wednsday


    thanks for you help guys i really do appreciate it!

  10. @deemo

    the sticker in its entirety (the parts that i can read) says:

    +5.03v and 3.3v rails will not exceed 175W MAX
    +12v and +5.08v rails will not exceed 268W MAX
    total dc power output shall not exceed 300W

    does that make any sense?
  11. Having the 6-pin connector is not going to make a difference in whether you can run it or not. Running a 6850 on 300W is taking a risk, and a big one. I seriously recommend a power supply upgrade to support the new graphics card you have purchased.

    What kind of computer do you have?

    On max load, the 6850 uses 125W. That doesnt leave much left on the 12V rail for your other things, namely the processor and such.

    Use this:

    You can calculate how much power your system needs


    ^That should work well for you, very highly rated.
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