How to find a i3 processor is 1st generation or 2nd generation

How can I find that an i3 processor is of first generation or second generation?
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  1. First, check it's model # under Win7:
    - Control Panel\System and Security\System

    If the model number is only 3 digit's it's 1st gen. (ie: i3-###).

    If it is four numbers and the first number is a 2 (ie: i3-2000) then it's 2nd gen.

    This ark Intel page lists all the previous gen Core i3's
  2. See first gen cpu are 3digit model no like i3 530,i3 540 etc while 2nd gen have 4digit and it will start from '2' like i3 2100,i3 2120 and 3rd gen will start from '3' like i3 3220,i3 3225.remember 1st gen cpu uses socket lga 1156 whereas 2nd and 3rd uses lga 1155.3rd gen i3 is best among all.
  3. +1 for Scott and ASHISH65

    If have the processor already in a system and you are trying to find out which one you have simply run CPU-Z and it will tell you the model # move from there to the site and look up the model # to see which family it fits within.
  4. First generation where on the LGA 1156 i got the i5 650. oh the poor old 1156 never had that much time to shine.

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