Updating Driver causing low performance??

Hey ppl..i have problems regarding Catalyst display driver..
whenever i update to any newer version of driver i get lower performance in some games like RE5,Assassin's Creed Brotherhood etc....but with the driver frm the CD(came with my card ver 8.45)seems to run perfectly at 30+fps on high settings(almost all games i played)..newer games like BF3 and crysis 2 etc seems to run without any problem(also runs well on 8.45)..m i missing smthing or is the newer AMD/ATI drivers are optimized only to run newer games..??...i have core2duo E7600 4gb ram ddr2 and XFX RADEON HD 5570 1gb Gddr5..i knw my vcard is low-end but still it runs games without any problem(i.e with ver 8.45)...also needs advice on how to install ati driver properly..thnx...have been using Nvidia whole my life
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  1. Usually there is some gain in performance when updating video card driver.

    The best way to install card drivers is have a look at this video -- open the page ( http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/GraphicsDriverTest.aspx ), then go to Graphics Driver Help Videos.
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